Premier Healers

Sat Nam Rasayan® Premier Healers


Sadhu Singh

from Mexico was Guru Dev Singh’s first student and has been studying with him for over 30 years.  When Guru Dev become a Sikh Sadhu followed. When Guru Dev started to teach yoga and meditation Sadhu followed. When the SSS pronounced Guru Dev’s healing Sat Nam Rasayan, and Guru Dev put it in a linear teaching form, Sadhu was the first to learn it.  The relation of Sadhu Singh to Guru Dev is that of a chela to a Teacher. 

During Guru Dev’s recuperation Sadhu left his family, business and personal life to dedicate himself to Guru Dev’s recovery.  He has been at Guru Dev’s side for most of the past few years. Sadhu is the true embodiment of seva.  In honor of his seva, devotion and commitment, Sadhu was chosen by Guru Dev to be the only Sat Nam Rasayan (SNR) teacher whose SNR workshops are accredited, and he is the only global teacher of SNR in addition to Guru Dev.  In 2017 Guru Dev also entrusted Sadhu Singh with the testing of Level I and Level II students.

Sadhu will return to Summer Solstice this year to conduct tests for Level I and II, offer SNR treatments, and teach The Dream State in the evening Sat Nam Rasayan course series.  This is your opportunity to experience Sadhu’s presence, the heart and soul of seva and devotion to a Teacher.   

Hari Das Kaur 

was born and raised in the Hawaiian Islands where she was inspired by the Shamanic tradition of Huna and influenced by the healers in her maternal lineage. 

It was second nature for her to pursue a career in healing, which began in London with a professional surgical nursing career spanning 25 years. 

Hari Das became Yogi Bhajan’s student in 1977 and has been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga since then.

Hari Das met Guru Dev Singh 37 years ago and experienced his profound abilities.  She began studying Sat Nam Rasayan® with Guru Dev in in 1994, and she knew had found her path and her beloved teacher.

In 2000 she left surgical nursing to dedicate her life to the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan® and the healing of others. 

Hari Das teaches at two Integrative Medicine Centers in La Jolla, CA. 

She is one of a select few Level III SNR traveling student instructors and practitioners that Guru Dev has designated to teach this precious healing art.


Hargopal Kaur 

started Kundalini Yoga in the late ‘70s and knew she was where she was meant to be. Life took a marked change for the better.

And then in the ‘80s Hargopal began to study with Guru Dev Singh. While it amazed her and opened up vast horizons, it didn’t make much sense to her at the time. She couldn’t fit it in any of the boxes her mind allowed. So eventually she threw away the boxes, worked on having a meditative mind, and now teaches SNR® in the USA and Canada.

Having recently dissolved a major box – that of being a Physicist – she now devotes herself to teaching, providing private sessions, and researching Yogi Bhajan’s teachings.

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