Level II Certification Requirements

Level II Certification Requirements

  1. Must be a certified Level I student in good standing. (No outstanding debt to Sat Nam Rasayan/Guru Dev, etc.)
  2. 8 mixed level or Level II Intensives*
    • or 1 Retreat and 4 Level II intensives
    • or 1 Retreat and 2 Immersions
    • or 3 Immersions and 2 Level II Intensives
    • or 2 Retreats 


  1. Follow and document a Tiny Pet** for three months. 
    The Tiny Pet must be seen at least five times during the three month period.  Seeing a Tiny Pet weekly is optimal. More than one Tiny Pet may be documented.  Tiny Pet documentation should be completed prior to testing for Level II and handed in at the time of testing.
  2. Practical test for Level II Certification  (Practical and written examples of knowledge on any or all of the SNR modalities listed below as assigned at the time of testing.  Testing may be repeated up to 4 times and is administered by Guru Dev Singh or Sadhu Singh.)***

Forms/Shapes  –  Elements  –  Resonance  –  Dream State  -  Knowing


  1. 200 hours of non-compensated seva for Sat Nam Rasayan and the Center for Contemplative Awareness (9/1/11).  (Seva for any other organization is not applicable)
    Applicant must do service in preparation and administration of Guru Dev Singh’s retreats, classes, and the Summer Solstice booth.   Seva hours do not need to be completed prior to testing,  but must be completed before testing to be a Level III Candidate. All SNR seva hours must be verified by the student’s area representative or instructor, or by the Center for Contemplative Awareness.


After students have passed Level II unconditionally:

  • They will be sent a Level II Certificate from the School of Sat Nam Rasayan in Rome
  • Are official Sat Nam Rasayan healers, and can charge a fee for Sat Nam Rasayan treatments 
  • Can participate as a healer in Sat Nam Rasayan Clinics
  • Can request written approval to practice remote healings (may not advertise or charge a fee)****
  • Can request written approval to facilitate SNR practice sessions.

*Any Intensives, Retreats, and/or Immersions that have been applied for credit to Level I testing CANNOT be used again to qualify for Level II.  Only intensives, immersions and retreats/conferences taught by Guru Dev Singh(Mexico/Italy) or Sadhu Singh (Mexico) meet the requirements that apply to testing for certification.

** A Tiny Pet is a practice patient .

*** Testing is conducted by Guru Dev Singh or Sadhu Singh at least once per year in the United States. The date and location of testing is announced in advance on www.gurudevsnr.com 

**** Only those who are certified Level 3 Entrance or above are allowed, with permission from the CCA office, to offer Remote SNR Treatments.  The only person who can do group Remotes is Guru Dev Singh.

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