Retreats and Immersions with Guru Dev Singh

An Immersion is a 9 am to 9 pm class lasting two days.

Immersions are usually held in an urban environment. It is non residential with people commuting daily or staying hotels/motels. Lunch is included. There is no group Sadhana. It is an immersion in the training of Sat Nam Rasayan®.

A retreat is a group of 9 am to 9pm classes.

Retreats vary in length some being only 3 days most five days and sometimes six days.  The first and last day might have shorter hours. It is held in a rural or sacred place. It is residential with lodging & meals (depending on the opening and ending time of the retreats usually 3 meals a day) are included in the price. Group sadhana is available, often with GDS leading all or part of it. Retreats are not only an immersion in the teachings of Sat Nam Rasayan® but a bonding of the students and the teacher. The idea is to take time out of your daily routine be in a "monastic" learning and sacred environment so that one will be focused on the inside for learning and self healing.

Only at Retreats and Immersions can one test for the different SNR Levels and attend Ethics classes.

Both are valuable as learning tools. One's emphasis is how to integrate the SNR teachings and experience into a daily routine. The other's is to integrate it within oneself.

Each year Guru Dev Singh invites all of his students to participate in one or more Sat Nam Rasayan® retreats or immersions.  Retreats are usually held over a period of several days to one week.  Immersions are typically shorter in length, usually over a long weekend.  Retreats and immersions consist of daily intensive Sat Nam Rasayan® practice by the attendees with instruction and supervision by Guru Dev Singh.  Over the years retreats have been held at various places in North America and in Assisi, Italy.

Many students cross the oceans to participate in these unique conferences knowing that each will become an extraordinary experience.   The company of the group elevates the spirit.  The intensity of the daily practice grows the students' capacity to become aware.  Stability follows.   Inner space develops.  The practice strengthens.  Then the experience is taken home and stays with the student in the memory of body, mind and spirit.   Finally, the practitioner transforms this experience and brings the ancient healing tradition of Sat Nam Rasayan® back into the world.

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